This section of the website covers anything which doesn't fit into the other sections of the website. Most of the items here are advertising pieces, associated with local pubs, breweries and mineral water manufacturers.


Company (Town) Thomas Dickson (Far Green, Hanley)
Description Sepia Print Match Striker with 'DICKSONS PURE TABLE WATERS' around top, and 'DICKSON HANLEY Porcelain Lined Syphons' around perimeter of base
Maker Wiltshaw & Robinson (Cartlon Ware)
Photographs Main, Top, Base

Company (Town) R J Malpass (Hanley)
Description Match Striker marked 'R.J.MALPASS TAILOR CLOTHIER 43, BROAD STREET HANLEY'.
Maker The Ceramic Advertising Co. Rosemont Porthill Longport
Photographs Main, Base

Description Match Striker with 'County Borough of Hanley 1st Horticultural Fete in Hanley Park July 7th & 8th, General Secretary J.B.Barrow, 1897' to one side, image of Queen Victoria in a shield to the other.
Maker Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co
Photographs Side 1, Side 2

Company (Town) Copeland & Wilson (Hanley)
Description Two tone Water Jug. One side printed with'QUENCH YOUR THIRST WITH COPELAND & WILSONS MINERAL WATERS HANLEY' the other with 'TRY COPELAND & WILSONS DELICIOUS BREWED GINGER BEER PORTLAND WORKS HANLEY'. Both sides with a pictoral Registered Trade Mark of the Portland Vase
Maker Price Bristol
Photographs Side 1, Side 2

Company (Town) Alfred Chew (Hanley)
Description Two tone Stoneware Whisky Jug printed with'FINEST OLD KINCRAIG SCOTCH WHISKY ALFRED CHEW & Co. HANLEY'. 180mm tall.
Maker Price Bristol
Photographs Front, Side (handle)

Company (Town) Copestick Bros & Co (Burslem)
Description Enamelled tray, marked 'Copestick Bros & Co High Class Mineral Waters North Road Burslem'
Maker ...

Company (Town) Munro (Hanley)
Description Crown Cap Bottle Opener, 'MUNRO' impressed on one side, and 'HANLEY' on the other
Photographs Side 1, Side 2

Company (Town) The Premier Mineral Water Co Ltd (Hanley & Longton)
Description Crown Cap Bottle Opener, 'PREMIER MINERAL' case on one side, and 'WATER CO. LTD' on the other. RD 702661 to the top
Photographs Side 1, Side 2

Company (Town) Johnson Brothers (Hanley)
Description Advertising Plaque - one side has floral design, other has advert for Johnson Bro's Sanitary Ware showing their five different pottery works
Maker Johnson Bros
Photographs Advert

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