William Baker Limited, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Hanley


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1890 - 19??

Excelsior Works, Burton Place, New Street, Hanley

Baker & Fox

The Potteries Amalgamated Mineral Water Co.


William Baker formed his own mineral water manufacturing business in 1890, from the dissolved partnership of Baker & Fox. William continued at the same premises on the corner of New Street and Burton Place, while his former business partner John Fox went on to form his own mineral water manufacturing company, also in Hanley. Baker was involved in the formation of the Potteries Amalgamated Mineral Water Company, evidenced by PAMWCo flagons marked with 'Bakers Herb Beer' (also seen on later Premier Mineral Water Co flagons)

William Baker passed away on 2nd January 1914; the following excerpt from the London Gazette of 21st April 1914 shows a notice to his creditors regarding claims on his estate: