Here are the latest additions to my collection, along with details of their acquisition


November 2023

James Glover & Sons Longton Flagon

Previously I had never come across anything from James Glover, nor had other local collectors, or local Longton historian Alan Mansell, so it was a great surprise to find this up for grabs. Thanks to Martin Pearson for agreeing to a deal to add this to my collection.

James Glover was the first Lord Mayor of Longton when Lane End and Longton were incorporated as the borough of Longton in 1865. Alongside his mayoral duties, Glover was a local businessman, owning a Longton Colliery, and he was also a brewer. The eagle at the top of the Longton coat of arms also came from Glover’s family crest

October 2023

John Pennington Hanley Match Striker

Recently dug by Nico Pancheri, this match striker is a great addition. Despite the obvious damage it's still a superb piece of local advertising. Many thanks to Nico for letting me add this to my collection (please could you dig the top half now!)


This match striker advertises a drink not familiar in modern times - Zoedone

An online search revealed late 19th Century adverts for 'The Zoedone Company' based in Wrexham, North Wales

The drink was described as a Strictly Non-Alcoholic Phosphated Iron Tonic Beverage. Pennington evidently was an agent for selling the drink alongside his own products

The company was wound up in December 1889, and it became The Aerated Beverage and Buffet Company Limited:

This company was subsequently also wound up in 1897. They resurfaced again as the 'New Aerated Beverage and Buffet Company Limited, but this company was again insolvent by early 1903

September 2023

Charles Jones Hanley Dispensing Chemist Bottle

Purchased from a local charity, the Douglas Macmillan Hospice

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