S Bowers, Herbalist, Longton


Key Facts
Years Trading (known) ????
Known Address(es) 152 Hope Street, Hanley
27 Trentham Road, Longton
135 High Street, Longton
Predecessor -
Successor -

Samuel Bowers was a herbalist based in Longton. On the 1881 census, aged 20, Samuel was still living in Hanley with his parents, but he was listed with a dual trade of 'Herbalist & Potters Ovenman'. By 1891 he was living at the Trentham Road address, now solely working as a herbalist, but it is not made clear if this is where he traded from at the time. By the 1901 census, he had moved to the High Street (now Uttoxeter Road) address, and is listed as working from home. Venables Carpets are now based at 135a Uttoxeter Road, so it is assumed that Samuel Bowers latter premises were in this area. Samuel Bowers passed away in June 1924.