Rueben Croburn, Soda Water and Lemonade Maker, Longton


Key Facts
Years Trading (known) 1861
Known Address(es) 72 Normacot Road, Longton
Predecessor -
Successor Henry Copestick (unconfirmed)

The only record of Rueben Croburn comes from the 1861 Census:

As can be seen, he had two children, the first of which was born in Smethwick approximately 2 years prior to the census, suggesting that Croburn moved to Longton some time between 1859 and 1861. At the time of the 1861 census, only a couple of doors away at number 68 lived Henry Copestick, who at the time was working as a publican. Copestick went on to become a mineral water manufacturer, perhaps aquiring the business from Croburn. Both Croburn and Copestick came from Birmingham.