Thomas Dickson, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Far Green, Hanley


Key Facts
Years Trading (known) 1882 - 1906
Known Address(es) 35 Broom Street, Hanley
Grove Cottage, Far Green, Hanley
Predecessor Belfast Mineral Water Co.
Successor William Henry Dickson


Thomas Orr Dickson took full ownership of the Belfast Mineral Water Co. on the 29th of September 1882 following  the dissolution of his previous partnership with James Stranaghan. He continued using the Belfast Mineral Water Co. name for a period of time, his bottles bearing 'T Dickson's Belfast Mineral Water Works'

The bottles later changed to 'Dicksons Mineral Water Works', the Belfast reference being dropped, but it isn't clear whether this happened before or after Thomas Dickson's death (October 1906, aged 66). Following his death the business was taken over by his eldest son, William Henry Dickson.