E A Harris, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Stoke-on-Trent


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E A Harris occupied premises at 1 Liverpool Road, Stoke (directly opposite Adams chemists). This 1879 map shows the shops location highlighted in red:

The following article, taken from 'A Descriptive Account of the Potteries (Illustrated), 1893 Advertising and Trade Journal', goes into detail of the products and services available from the chemist at the time, and also shows the building frontage :

(above image Courtesy of S Birks, thepotteries.org)

 In  the 1896 Kelly's Trades Directory, the business is listed as 'Harris E. A. (exors, of), 1 Liverpool road, Stoke-on-Trent', so it would appear that Mr Harris passed away some time around 1896. There is no entry for Harris in the 1904 Kelly's Directory.

The building is still standing today and is presently occupied by Teeth for Life Dental Practice: