John Pennington, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Hanley


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1881 - 1901

42 St John Street

8 Church Street




John Pennington was born circa 1846 in Hanley. His father, Henry, was a potter and his mother, Elizabeth, was a housewife

On the 1871 census he was listed still residing with his mother, living at 54 Loftus Street, Hanley, and he had followed in his father's footsteps, working as a potter. On 25th December 1874 he married Sarah Ann Emery

By the 1881 census, John had left the pottery trade, and was now working as a self employed 'Soda Water Manufacturer', employing two men and living at 42 St John Street, Hanley

By the 1891 census, John Pennington was now living at and trading from 8 Church Street, Hanley. He was also at this point employing his nephew as an apprentice. He was also listed here in 1901

Originally trading as John Pennington, the business name later changed to John Pennington and Sons. As is proudly stated in bold lettering on several different examples of John Pennington's bottles, he was awarded Gold Medals for his drinks at London trade shows in 1895 and 1897, although details of the exact shows are yet to be found