The Belfast Mineral Water Co, Hanley


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18?? - 1882

Far Green, Hanley


Thomas Dickson

The Belfast Mineral Water Company was originally a partnership between Thomas Dickson and James Stranaghan. 

Thomas Dickson was born in approximately 1841, in County Down, Ireland, so it is apparent where the company may have acquired its name from. The first census record of Thomas Dickson living in Hanley is in 1871 where he is listed, aged 29, as a Draper. The next record, from 1881, lists him as a Mineral Water Manufacturer, as do the 1891 and 1901 census records.

James Stranaghan was born in approximately 1832 in Hanley, but his name certainly suggests that he too had Irish origins. From various census records it can be seen that James Stranaghan was listed as a 'corn and provision dealer' in 1861, a 'Provision Merchant' in 1881, and a 'Retired Provision Dealer' in 1891, so it is quite possible that Stranaghan either provided the shop front for Dickson to sell his products from, or provided financial assistance with the business.

 On the 29th of September 1882 the partnership was dissolved, and Thomas Dickson took on the business on his own, continuing as 'T Dickson's Belfast Mineral Water Company' (see Thomas Dickson).