John Fox, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Hanley


Key Facts

Years Trading (Known)

Known Addresses



1890 - 19??

10, Charles Street, Hanley

15-17, Etruria Road, Hanley

6, Paddock Street, Hanley

Baker & Fox



Following the dissolution of his partnership with William Baker (see Baker & Fox), John Fox established his own mineral water manufacturing company, based at his home address of 10 Charles Street, Hanley. The following is an extract from the 1891 Census:

At some point John Fox moved from Charles Street, and became the Publican of the 'Railway Tavern' at 15-17 Etruria Road. He is recorded here on the 1901 census. He may well have continued to produce his mineral waters at this address. By the 1911 census, now a widower, he has moved again, living at 6 Paddock Street Hanley. His trade is now listed as a Herb Beer Manufacturer

Also from the 1911 census, John fox's second eldest son, Albert Fox can be found living at 52 Well Street Hanley, working as a Mineral Water Salesman. This may well have been sales of his father's drinks, or possibly those produced by the Premier Mineral Water Company